Seven Oceans Standard Emergency Ration Case of 24


Seven Oceans Emergency Rations: Case (24 x 500g packs)

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Seven Oceans Standard Emergency Ration Case 24 x 500g

Seven Oceans Emergency Rations: Case (24 x 500g packs)

A compressed food biscuit. Tastes similar to Scotch short bread and is easy to chew and swallow supplied in a Robust Case.

The pleasant taste is intentionally bland so as not induce or exacerbate thirst.

Each individual box of 500 gram contains 9 bars of biscuit in two pieces (18 Biscuits). Each biscuit weighs 27.8 grams.

The case consists of 24 boxes of 500 grams = 12 KGs.

Each 500 gram box has an energy value of 10300 kj or 2500 calories.

Does not require ANY preparation or water. Eat as is.

The packaging consist of 9 bars vacuum wrapped in air tight, waterproof aluminium foil.

Each bar of biscuit is then individually wrapped.

Thus it can be rationed among small children/family/friends/strangers in the event of a crisis.

Originally designed for long term storage for ocean rescue lifeboats the Emergency Food Ration is also ideal as a survival food on land.

The compact size is perfect to pack into a bug out bag, survival kit store in an office, vehicle, aircraft or boat.

Each box has a 5 year life span and has the date of manufacture and expiration date stamped on it.

Storage in cool & dry conditions will extend the shelf life.

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