Military Style MRE 24 Hr Ration Pack Menu 2 (Vegetarian)


Menu 2. Each pack contains sufficient meals and snacks to last a person 24 hours. Choice of 3 menus.

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Military Style MRE Ration Pack Menu 2 (Vegetarian)

These ration packs are similar to the ration packs used by the military. Each pack contains sufficient meals and snacks to last a person 24 hours. Each pack has been carefully selected for appropriate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, energy and fats. There are 3 packs (2 meaty menus and 1 vegetarian menus) to choose from. Meals can be eaten cold, or heated.

Complete Ration Pack
Meals for 24 Hours
Nutritious and Tasty
2 Meat and 1 Vegetarian menus to choose from
2 Year Shelf Life

Pack Sizes:
150 x 100 100 mm
450 grams

Menu 2 (Vegetarian)

Instant Oats
Rooibos Tea

Instant Noodles
4 ProVitas
Isotonic Rehydrate

Tinned Baked Beans
Vegetable Soup
Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Bar
Chewing Gum

Pack also contains 2 Sugar, Salt, 2 Puritabs, Tomato stock, Matches, Plastic Spoon, Wet Wipe

Energy 7200 Kj
Protein 55 g
Carbs 160 g
Fats 70 g

Contains nuts

Pack weight 450 g

Sold as 24 hour complete packs containing 3 meals and snacks. Choice of 3 menus.

Note: These meal packs are guaranteed for 2 years from date of packaging, but are still good to eat for at least 3 years.

The actual packs may differ slightly from the images shown. These are only shown as an example.

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