Excalibur Dehydrator 5 Tray Digital With 48 Hour Timer


The Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator is the small family model, ideal for families.

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Excalibur Dehydrator 5 Tray Digital With 48 Hour Timer

The Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator is the small family model, ideal for families, small gardens or speciality gardens. This model comes with 48-hour timer and a 2 time / 2 temperature digital controller.

The Excalibur dehydrator 5 tray with 48 hour built in time and digital controller is extremely easy to use and can be used throughout the home. You can quickly and easily preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs. Also dry fish and meats. Get creative in the kitchen and make fruit rolls, pet treats, yogurt, and healthy snacks without all of the preservatives, additives, excess salt and fillers often found in store bought products. You can even use a dehydrator for home crafts. The possibilities are endless!

Efficient – 0.74 square metres of drying space, 13cm fan, Hyperwave™ patented technology and parallex horizontal air flow.
Adjustable thermostat – 35˚C – 74˚C
Clear door – easily view the drying progress without interrupting the drying process.
48 hour, 2 time / 2 temperature digital controller – lets you set the dehydrator and forget it. To speed up the drying process, set the dehydrator at a higher temperature for a specified period of time; and then set the dehydrator at a lower temperature for a specified period of time. The unit will automatically adjust after the 1st setting and turns off when the 2nd setting is complete.
Dehydration is the healthiest, easiest, most economical way to preserve foods. Better still, with an Excalibur dehydrator it is fast and easy!
Fast – Dehydration is far faster than canning or freezing. Simply cut and arrange pieces on the trays — the Excalibur dehydrator does the rest.
Delicious – Dehydration concentrates natural flavor, sweetness, and aroma. Fruits explode with mouth-watering, “natural candy” flavor that is far healthier than high-fat snacks and high-sugar sweets.
Cost effective – Using your dehydrator compared to traditional canning or freezing methods will prove to be well worth your initial low-cost investment. Save money by buying foods in bulk when they are in season and drying them for later use. Dehydrated food shrinks so does not require much space and doesn’t need electricity to store, like frozen food does.

• 5 Polycarbonate trays with polyscreen inserts
• Tray size: 38 cm x 38 cm
• On/Off button on back
• Adjustable thermostat 35˚C – 74˚C
• Removable clear door
• 48-hour timer
• 2 time / 2 temperature
• Dishwasher-safe trays
• Easy wipe display panel
• 13 cm fan
• Dimensions: 43.2 x 48.3 x 23.9 cm
• Unit weight: 7.48 kg
• Shipping weight: 8.39 kg
• 230v/240 volt, 440 watts
• Made in the USA

Efficient horizontal flow system:
• Less drying time
• Ensures even drying
• Hyperwave™ technology
• Parallexx™ horizontal airflow

Parts and accessories included:
• Mini drying guide booklet

Optional extras:
• Excalibur ParaFlexx non-stick sheets available in the “Accessories” category

Available colours:
• Black only

• 2 year warranty on the electrical parts


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