Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant (10, 30, or 100ml)


Portable bottle of Water Disinfectant.



Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant (10, 30, or 100ml)

Portable 10ml bottle of Water Disinfectant.

Perfect to carry on a hike, patrolling in the bush, or international travel.

Use this to sterilize hydration bladders, drinking tubes and water bottles.

Keep for an emergency.

To purify water add 3 drops (approximately 0.09ml) to one Litre of water and wait for 30-60 minutes.
1 Bottle of 10 ml sterilises approximately 100 Litres of water
Active ingredients: Silver, Copper and Zinc Salts

The dangers of not having safe drinking water are pretty obvious. Keep one of these little bottles handy in case you are ever stuck.

Disinfects and kills bacteria in drinking water. After water is treated with Aqua Salveo it will remain safe for 24 months in storage. Only 3 drops (0.09 ml) per Litre. One 10 ml bottle treats 100 Litres of water.

Aqua Salveo is effective against:
Somatic Coliphages
Virocideal Tested Bacteriophages
Candida Albicans
Enterobacteriacea Group
Erchirichia Coli
Salminella Typhimurium
Shigella Dydenteria
Areomonas Spp
Enterococcus Feacalis
Pseudomanas Aeruginosa
Staphylococcus Pneumoinia
Haemophilus Influenza
Vibrio Parahemoliticus
Vibrio Cholera

Sizes: 10, 30, or 100 mls

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10ml, 30ml, 100ml


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