About Us

SALDER is a family business, based in Pietermaritzburg. It is a part of the holding company Dersalsites, led by Derek Robson and ably assisted by his wife Sally.

Please note that due to diversification and the general downscaling of Dersalsites (online business) and Dersal Contracts (physical business), we de-registered as VAT vendors.

Our trading figures and sales are vetted by our accounts consultant, Brian A’Hern of A’Hern & Associates operating from Pietermaritzburg. He is a registered tax practitioner and deals with SARS on our behalf.

The family has been involved in small business and internet marketing for several years. They run a string of websites and blogs on various topics, under the Dersalsites brand. Derek writes articles for several article directories.

Before “retirement” Derek was a manufacturing engineer and Sally was a nurse. Derek has been involved with many businesses over the years and has experience in engineering, sales and marketing, production processes and management, amongst others. After a serious neck injury and subsequent surgery, he was no longer able to pursue these careers and turned to internet marketing instead.

Sally has always been a part of Derek’s business and oversees receive and dispatch functions and general admin within the business.


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