Salder sells mobility products including mobility scooters, electric and push wheelchairs, hoists and lifters.

We are also suppliers of one of the roughest, toughest, meanest SOB 4 x 4, all terrain mobility scooters available in South Africa – the Solax Predator. This is the “Hummer” of scooters.

During Lockdown we were forced to downsize. We have done away with all the small products and accessories and will now concentrate only on heavy equipment.

A few years back, we traded as Dersal Mobility, specialising in a huge range of mobility scooters, but closed due to import difficulties and excessive costs involved in importing the mobility products from the suppliers overseas. We have now teamed up with new local importer suppliers and decided to re-open our mobility business, but specialise in a smaller range of mobility products.

Mobility products have improved greatly over the last few years and now really can make life easier for any elderly, disabled, injured or sick person. In fact, you simply have to use some of these innovative products if you are in any way unable to live life to the full. They are no longer luxuries for the rich, but necessities.
SALDER – Mobility products to make your life easier!

Not only do people with “special needs” have a better chance at living life and being mobile with these mobility products, but they are absolutely essential for nursing homes and centres for the physically challenged. Things like electric scooters, wheelchairs, patient hoists, and scooter lifts are used by most of these places and in some cases are mandatory by law.

In many cases the person is elderly and although independent, may require a little stability while walking. Most modern scooters and ramps can be easily folded, making travelling with them easy. If able to be afforded, many of these aids are installed and used in private residences too.

We keep or have access to most of the mobility aids one may need. We work from our sales office in the Pietermaritzburg, but we can arrange delivery of our products all over South Africa.

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